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Laser-welded Diamond Blades. The best choice?

Once you fully understand the difference between silver brazed and laser-welded diamond blades, you can decide whether or not our laser-welded diamond blades are actually the best choice for the job.

Silver Brazing

This is the oldest and still very commonly used way of attaching the segments to the steel core.
When silver brazing, the segments are fixed to the steel core (usually by hand) by hard soldering with a special fusible silver alloy at temperatures ranging from 1145 to 1650ºF (618 to 899ºC).

JK Smit Silver Brazing

Even though modern methods for attaching the segments to the steel core are gaining popularity, the very main reason for manufacturers to stick to silver brazing of segments is that with time, the segments will eventually detach from the steel core.

As much as this sounds as an inconvenience, it does mean that new segments can be reattached to the blade by the manufacturer, increasing it's lifetime.
For this reason, silver brazed diamond blades carry a heavier price tag than laser welded blades.

Laser Beam Welding (LBW)

This is a modern welding technique used to fix the segments to the blade through the use of a laser machine. The laser beam provides a concentrated heat source (+/- 5500 ºF / 3000 ºC), allowing for narrow, deep welds and high welding rates.

JK Smit Laser Beam Welding

There are several benefits to laser welding as opposed to brazing: 

  • Since the process of laser welding is extremely accurate, the steel core is minimally affected.
  • Laser welded diamond blades can withstand higher temperatures during cutting and therefore extends it's lifetime significantly. 
  • Since laser welded diamond blades can withstand higher temperatures, there is no need for cooling with water.
  • Where silver brazed segments will detach from the blade with time, laser welded segments won't break off, ever.

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The laser welded diamond blades of JK Smit are tested compliance with EN safety standards for abrasive products.

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